Preston Scheel- Client Services

Posted on November 24 2015


Hobbies: Videography, photography, paintballing, cooking

Interest in cars: Exotics, modern day cars

Any work history: Worked as an apprentice for an Automotive Parts company at the age of 15. Joined Team Stradale at the age of 17 

Family: In a relationship for over 3 years


Ever since getting his first Hot Wheels cars at a young age, Preston has found a true passion for automobiles. Due to his generation, he enjoys modern-day exotics. His favorite car is the Bugatti Veyron because, as Preston states, “it is the ultimate expression of the human race pushing the automotive engineering envelope.” Being employed for Team Stradale has been an amazing stepping stone for Preston, as he has been able to take care of not only some amazing cars, but also interact with the people who own them. When not ogling over the stats of the newest hypercar, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, photography, making short films, and even dabs in cooking.

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