Arrive & Drive Concierge Service

Posted on April 06 2016


It’s Saturday. You’ve got a precious few hours to spend at the track before it’s time for that conference call that couldn’t wait until Monday, or your kid’s soccer game, or dinner with your in-laws. Don’t get us wrong - you love your in-laws. They are kind and generous folks. Heck, we love your in-laws.

Point is, you don't have time to waste. When you get to the track you have to pull your car out of storage, fuel it, check the fluids, check the tire pressure, maybe even wash it or make other adjustments, further eating into your precious time. Wouldn’t it be incredible if when you got to the track, all of that stuff was already taken care of? If you could just show up - and drive? Well, you can. And it is. Incredible. Team Stradale’s “Arrive and Drive” program is just that.

The program comes in three levels. At minimum, the silver package, you get amazing, high-tech, secure, alarmed, climate controlled storage for your car. You get access to the locker room and the lounge, including snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, cable, games and a ridiculously great driving simulator. And when you step out onto the track your car is there, warmed up, checks run, ready to go.

Say you want a bit more? There’s the gold package. You get your car cleaned, which means it’s both pretty and fast, plus on-track pit support.

You want even more? You want personalized live coaching? Data and video analysis? Car management? Cleaning your race wear? Shiatsu massage? Okay, there’s no shiatsu massage, but the rest of it - absolutely. That’s platinum.

No matter which package you go with, “Arrive and Drive” is an incredible service and invaluable time-saver. It takes the hassle off of your hands, and lets you spend your time at the track - on the track.


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