Which Radical is right for me?

Posted on February 10 2016


Which Radical is right for me?   

It’s not the wind in your hair or the smell of asphalt under your nose. It’s not the grip of the wheel behind your racing gloves. It’s not even the streak of sunshine that glistens in your hair when you first step onto the track.

It’s the relentless thrill you get from handling a radical, the subtle leap in your stomach that pushes the acceleration, the undying desire to drive fast.

When selecting a radical to drive there are many options available, but which one will cater best to you, your abilities and your knowledge of the track?


Since 2002 this model has improved aerodynamics and extended its durability. With the capacity to produce lower levels of CO2, both in the manufacturing process and in running, this model ensures optimum torque, power and a near-instantaneous break response. Other benefits include a reduction in high-frequency vibration and increased longevity.


As a V8-powered racer, the SR8 RX exists as a two-seater track car designed to outwit the most experienced competitors. This car is also designed to to comply with FIA CN class regulations, making it an excellent option for international racing. With flat upshifts and clutchless downshifts, this Radical sportscar is the most thrilling yet easily manageable car on the track.

RXC Spyder:

As the flagship racing car for Radical, the RXC Spyder offers a seven-speed paddleshift gearbox and variable-assistance power steering. With larger dimensions than the SR8 RX, this car is perfect for high-endurance driving at top notch speeds.


The RXC V8 is designed for drivers who value low-weight cars with high-performance engines at real-world running costs. The RXC V8 offers high-powered speed with a lower center of gravity, making this one of the fastest and most effective cars on the track.

Radical RXC:

As one of the most visually appealing Radicals, the Radical RXC offers a dynamic presence and performance-focused abilities. As a road legal Coupe in the UK, this car offers class-beating performance with a cost that appeals to the average consumer.

It’s true that each vehicle is suited for a different purpose, but every model is made for speed and high-endurance racing. Which radical is right for you? Contact us for a test drive and watch a lap here:

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