Winterfest Radical Cup Round 2

Posted on January 28 2016

Winterfest Radical Cup round 2 at Sebring:

January 21 – 24, 2016

On Jan 24th Louis Cordero, Jeff Green, Eric Wagner and Tony Weir competed with Team Stradale at the Winterfest Radical Cup Race. The team ran there 1340cc Radicals against 25 plus other competitors.

Team Stradale arrived Thursday January 21st which was practice and qualifying for the 6-hour endurance race. Three cars were hurt on Thursday caused by racing incidents. The Team Stradale crew worked through the night to repair cars for Friday’s events.

Friday started with practice, qualifying and PBOC races that our team was able to dominate in. The Team Stradale Radicals Jeff Green and Tony Weir were some of the fastest cars while being the least powerful cars going up against 1500cc radicals, RSR's, Porsche Cup cars and some high power BMW's. Friday ended with more damage. The team was up all night Friday again for Saturday preparation.

Saturday landed practice, two PBOC races and the Radical cup race all with top level position finishes. The Chicago based boys had a great time showing off their new track learning skills to other veteran Radical drivers. Many were impressed with our driver’s quick learning and level of endurance.

Sunday were two PBOC races including 90 minute enduro and a Radical Cup race. All of Team Stradale drivers finished, with a debut from Luis Cordero. There were about 30 cars in the 2nd round of Radical cup race. Eric, Tony & Jeff all finished strong representing the Team well. Tony Weir had the fastest overall lap time for the weekend in the 1340cc. Jeff won the most awards including the most valuable driver award.

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