Radical Cup round 1 event at Barber

Posted on January 01 2016

Radical Cup round 1 event at Barber November 21st 2015

The first round of the Radical Cup was held at the world famous Barber Motorsport Park in Alabama. The Team Stradale drivers Jeff Green and Eric Wagner made their debut at the event while leaving their mark and becoming well known in the drivers circle. Jeff and Eric were living proof that the 1340cc engine package can indeed compete with the likeness of the 1500cc engines and higher horsepower cars. Throughout the course of the weekend, Jeff and Eric made it clear that they were going to be top contenders this year in the cup and to take Autobahn members seriously.

Prior to the event both Jeff and Eric practiced the unfamiliar track on the professional simulator at Team Stradale. This gave both drivers a first look and feel to the challenging course at Barber. After completing their first laps in real life, our drivers started to instantly feel comfortable with the technicality and elevation change of the track. With several races including a large 50+ car field for the enduro, Jeff and Eric gained an immense amount of experience in a very short period of time.

The PBOC event at Barber ended with several trophies awarded to both Jeff and Eric for their achievements in the 1340cc class. Overall we had such a good weekend that both drivers convinced two others to join in on the second round at Sebring.

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