Profiling the Radical SR3 RSX

Posted on February 09 2017

radical sr3 rsx stradale

The Radical SR3 was first introduced in 2002. An immediately innovative sports car, it provided hair-raising performance at an accessible and affordable cost – the perfect package for both racing and track driving. Since then, close to a thousand drivers from all over the world have eagerly strapped into their SR3 racers. The SR3 RSX is the next evolution, with improved aerodynamics based on the latest LeMans Prototype (LMP) technology combining with the lightweight powertrain which made the SR3 such a success, and putting it all together with a bold, intense style.

While the SR3’s FIA-approved chassis has remained the same, the differences in design are quickly what stands out about the RSX. Drawing inspiration from LMP trends, the cockpit features a stepped surround without sacrificing visibility for either the driver or the passenger. The front diffuser has also been redesigned to be more aerodynamic, featuring a ‘double-tunnel’ profile which integrates into the wheel arch leading edges, improving airflow. Not only does this increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the front of the car, it improves stability, while losing nothing on front-rear balance.

Speaking of the rear, the design and aerodynamic upgrades extend there as well, with airflow, grip and cooling at the back of the car all improving thanks to a new open-deck tail. There’s also a new dual exhaust system, and high-intensity LED at the front and rear for maximum visibility no matter the conditions.

The SR3 RSX’s technological improvements don’t stop at aerodynamics. The new, AIM MXL2 multifunction LCD dashboard and datalogger expands the dashboard’s technical capabilities and makes the cockpit of the SR3 RSX one of the most technologically advanced around. The graphical LCD offers flexibility in alerts and information, and for the first time includes real-time track location mapping. Plus, the whole display features and ambient light sensor that adjusts brightness levels to maintain optimum backlighting. The system can also be fixed with the latest SmartyCam HD GP to provide video with a realtime data overlay.

Under the hood, the engine of the SR3 RSX provides more mid-range power and torque, making it capable of faster laps with greater efficiency and durability, increasing the amount of time required before service. The four-cylinder engine features a 45 hour factory warranty, increased from the previous 40 hour warranty, something that only Radical offers the world-over on all road and race engines.

Also new are the SR3 RSX’s fully-floating disc brakes at the front and rear, standard. The 280mm, 48-vane ventilated dscs are held in place by four-piston calipers for precision braking, and a hard-line system offers greater consistency and an improved feel.

From the six-speed sequential transverse gearbox transmission with pneumatic paddle-activated gearshift, to the molded composite, FIA high-sided driver and passenger seats, to the fully adjustable Nik-link suspension system – the Radical SR3 RSX offers a combination of time-tested performance specifications that Radical drivers have come to love, along with the latest technological innovations that Radical is known for around the world. The result is an incredible, thrilling package at a true value, making the SR3 RSX the best racer in its class, and a driver-favorite in any setting.

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