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Posted on December 19 2016


Since the company’s inception, Radical has been a brand of aggressive innovators. Never satisfied with the status quo or willing to rest on their laurels, Radical and the people behind it have been driven to push their own products farther and harder, past the boundaries of what is deemed conventional and even possible. It’s this deeply entwined innovation within their DNA that have made them leaders not just within their specialty, but in the motorsports industry as a whole. And it’s one of the reasons we love them.

Design & Performance

The person who perhaps deserves the most credit and recognition for fostering this culture of innovation is Nick Walford, Radical’s chief designer. Walford has made his mark on every part of every car in the Radical lineup since the very beginning, and the impact of his unique design sense and creative vision is undeniable. The SR cars, for instance, utilize a cutting-edge cantilever suspension system unlike any other, and a lightweight pushrod/rocker system which allows for precision handling and control. All of this is a result of Nick’s innovative thinking. The anti-roll link is even named after him. They call it the “Nik-Link.”

Radical aren’t just innovators themselves though. They partner with other innovators across the motorsports industry, working with the best and brightest partners. From Quaife, the technical partners who assist in designing and building all of Radical’s drivetrains, to Intrax Suspension, who have helped create a custom spring and damper assembly just for Radical. Even fuel and tires are custom designed for Radical, with Anglo American Oils providing race control fuel for Radical’s single-make championships, and Dunlop providing specialized performance tires made of a unique compound and construction which come standard with every Radical car.

Testing & Safety

Pushing boundaries is one thing in theory, but Radical put their hard work and creativity to the test. Their cars undergo the kinds of testing you’d expect from a company ten-times their size. Using the facilities engineering, research and testing facilities at MIRA Technology Park, Europe’s largest transportation technology center, Radical put their cars through the paces. For instance, they use a full-scale wind tunnel to allow for maximum downforce and minimum drag, while also improving cooling in high outdoor temperatures. It’s this kind of commitment to being on the technological front lines that make Radical sportscars from both the SR and RXC lines come in at the top of their respective classes, and have optimal performance in any weather or climate.

Those who know Radical know that their commitment to innovation doesn’t extend just to design and performance, they are also a company committed to having the very safest sportscars around. Part of their goal of bringing pro-style racing to a club-level audience has meant bringing along professional quality safety standards as well. The deformable front crash structure, collapsible steering column and the integral safety cell found in each Radical model matches the same safety found in FIA level vehicles. The standards for carbon-chassis Le Mans cars are the same met by Radical’s spaceframe design. Radical’s designed in-house alloy wheels meet the most rigorous German TÜV standards, and are independently certified to prove it. And all these safety standards are tested at the same benchmark facility used by Formula 1 at Cranfield University.

From design, to materials, to performance, to safety – we are constantly blown away by Radical’s commitment to pushing limits and innovating across the board. Each car contains an impressive array of advancements that keep Radical as a company at the head of the pack, while never straying from their company commitment to create cars that are both affordable to own, and incredible to drive.

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