SimGear GT1 Motion Simulator

$ 29,780.00

Professional Motion Simulator Package

  • 2 axis motion
  • 40” ultra slim LED monitors
  • CSW Wheel (GT and F1)
  • Fanatech H pattern and sequential shifter
  • Load Cell Hydraulic pedals
  • Logitech Speakers (5.1 1000 Watt)
  • GT1 Custom Built gaming PC
  • Cobra Suzuka Pro-FIt Racing seat
  • Optional 5-Point Harness to simulate braking force


SimGear GT Series Racing Rigs were designed with mobility in mind. Simulators are notoriously large and cumbersome to relocate. Our design incorporates all components within the chassis and includes the monitors as well. The SimGear rigs utilize an immersive 2 DoF setup running SCN5 actuators. Simulators are finished in a strong protective and sharp looking black powder coat.

Experience: SimGear offers the same immersive experiences to the user as other competitors, with slightly more adjustability. The pedals, wheel, monitors and seat all adjust independently. Pedal and wheel mounts come pre-drilled for all the top brands to be directly bolted to the rig should any components be desired to swap out. Peripherals can be added at any time with a simple hand screw; you can add such components as flight controls, sequential shifters, H patterns and more.

Computer: The computer provided in the rig comes pre-configured for the titles chosen. Optimizations are done to ensure all titles run at their best performance and all controls are pre-configured. Motion software is installed and pre-configured as well so there's nothing to do except strap in and start racing! 

Mobility: The SimGear rigs were designed with mobility in mind. The rigs have internal wheels which are easily deployed with a crank, all monitors fold in and the maximum width of the simulator is just 29” allowing it to be moved in and out of most any doorway in the world. This allows home users to easily justify the real estate it takes up as well as commercial users can move and reallocate space in their facilities as needed.

Technology: SCN5 actuators were chosen due to their fast update speeds and load capacities. While the SCN6 is a great actuator, its response time is half that of the SNC5. The angle the actuators are mounted on give it the same trajectory it would have as if the rig was 36” wide, therefore allowing maximum movement from the actuators giving up no range of motion for the mobility achieved. For certain applications the SCN6 is ideal, however we have maximized our setup to be ultra fast and responsive with the SCN5 actuators. 

Shipping: Depending on where the shipping destination is, the simulator is either crated and shipped, or delivered by courier. The setup is a simple as plugging in the unit and powering it on! White glove delivery and training available, please contact us for details.

Warranty: 1 year parts and remote support is included. Extended warranty available per unit and environment used it (personal vs commercial). Please contact us for details.



Q: What is the weight limit for the simulator?

A: Our simulators have a max occupancy weight of 300lbs.

Q: Will the simulator fit through doorways?

A: As long as your doorway is 29" wide, it should fit thanks to our foldable design. We do recommend taking the door off the hinges.

Q: What kind of power is needed to run the simulator?

A: Any standard three-prong outlet will work. Only one plug necessary!


Rig is ready to play upon delivery!


Contact us if interested or to request more information.


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