Arrive and Drive

Racing your track day car or race car should be simple. The race crew here at Team Stradale offers the least stressful option to enjoy the track season at the Autobahn Country Club. Sign up for our exclusive arrive and drive program. Here are the details:


Monthly Fees for arrive and drive programs:



Premium storage:

  • includes climate controlled, secured, alarmed and CCTV monitored warehouses.

  • industries best vehicle lifts

  • vehicles maintained on battery tenders

  • lockers rooms

  • luxury lounge with snacks, beverages, WiFi, Cable TV, games and driving simulator


Pre-Track preparation:

  • car warm-up

  • fluid check

  • fueling/refueling throughout the day

  • wheel torqueing

  • cold tire pressure check


Personal parts bin:

  • personal parts storage


Car Wash:

  • a clean car is a fast car


On track pit support:

  • accurate hot tire pressure

  • minor adjustments on the car

  • driver feedback for data acquisition

  • crew available for support and un-foreseen issues



  • data/video analysis

  • live instructor and advice


Our clients tend to have two major concerns; time and money. Our arrive and drive programs create racing options for each individual racers specific requirements. Our experience lends us the ability to work with each driver and understand their racing priorities. A daily rate of $150.00 is available at Team Stradale for those who do not come frequently, however do utilize our premium storage services. The daily rate offers the same standard features as the silver package. 


Check out our facilities page for more info on our shop.  Contact us for more details.


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