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Praga. Since 1907. Over 100 years of engineering excellence into our Karting products. Praga has built and selected only the highest quality parts for kart racing. It's engine choice, the IAME X30 is a single speed, 125cc water cooled engine with on board key start system that is self charging. It is low maintenance, has a low stall centrifugal clutch to get you rolling and the engine outputs 30 horsepower. It has a balance shaft to ensure the engine is super smooth, and the diaphragm carb lends reliability. The X30 is the new preferred engine in the USA for TAG racing and is the new sole TAG engine for SKUSA and WKA.


The Praga brand was founded almost 100 years ago and managed to manufacture a vast number of automobiles, truck and bus vehicles, motorcycles, airplanes, military and agricultural machinery and vehicles during the time of its existence. Several models were introduced in every sphere of its production, some soon earning fame and popularity which helped to gain a good reputation in the eyes of the public. Praga’s history is remarkable especially in the first half of the 20th century, the period during which the company manufactured models in every mentioned area of production, thus acquiring a respectable spot in the general history of vehicle and aircraft production.


100 years of engineering and manufacturing brings Praga to the forefront of Karting excellence. Praga took home the world champion title in 2012 and continues to dominate their place in the karting world. Manufacturing several models of Karts, contact us at Team Stradale for the best fit for your karting needs.




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