1976 Porsche 911S PCA GT3

$ 30,000.00

Well Maintained Classic Racecar

Body: Wide Body Conversion
GT Racking RST front and rear bumpers
AIR fiberglass front fenders

Safety: Custom full roll cage, tied to suspension points
Fuel Cell
Kirkey race seats, driver seat brace, with harnesses
Window Net
Hot Lap Timer
Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect

Suspension: RSR front coil cover struts with custom valved Bilstein shocks
Carrara adjustable rear coil over shocks
450LB front springs, 600 rear springs
Smart Racing front and rear mono balls
Spherical rod camber plates in rear

Brakes: Custom dual brake master set up with adjustable bias, Wilwood Masters
Front: 13in X 1.25 rotors, Alcon calipers with titanium pistons
Pad Number HB106, rotor p/n Coleman Racing D30-125-1300-87

Rear: 13in 996 Turbo Rotors with JFZ calipers
Pad Number HB101

Trans: 915 to be rebuilt before sale
Custom Shifte, with spring centering

Engine: Built by Dave Jarvis, Only Dyno time and six hours of D.E. Track Time
3.126cc, 3 liter case
3.3 turbo jugs with Cosworth Pistons, 9.5 to 1 compression, pump gas.
Cosworth Rods
Ported Heads
Customer Twin Throttle Body Fuel Injection
Electromotive Tech 1 ECU, updated to Tech 2 specs by Electromotive
Laptop Programmable for Fuel, Ignition, etc.
GM Sensors, Bosche 30lb injectors, 1990 Ford Mustang 302 Throttle body
75mm, GM Coil packs, Diagnostics are available thru Electromotive Software,
Check Engine light indicates sensor failure, EGO out of range, etc.
System currently running in closed loop with very little authority and only below 3500 RPM
Distributorless Twin Plug NGK plugs
Mild Cams
Reliable HP

Cooling: Huge Custom oil cooler setup, has never run over 180 degrees, thermostatically controlled.

Wheels: two sets of 10.5 x 17 rear with 315 x 35 x 17, 9x17 front with 275x40x17

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