2010 Radical SR3 RS Hi-Downforce

$ 58,000.00

  • 1500cc K8 Motor-Stage II, Dry sump, fuel injected 270bhp, race exhaust muffler, LHD
  • Color: White
  • 6 speed Paddle shift system with auto blipper
  • Quaiffe Imt slip Diff; 3:07:I final ratio
  • Endurance Transmission oil pump & cooler
  • 280mm-Upgraded Floating V8 Front & Rear 48vane disc brakes with Radical four pot calipers
  • Five piece, ultra lightweight fibre colored glass bodywork, 2013 locking body clips (upgrade)
  • Brake/fog lights & clear triple rear indicator lights
  • High-downforce aero package, front diffuser, sculptured side pods, large HD rear diffuser, wheel arch louvers and Bi-plane full Carbon rear wing with end plates, Dual Carbon Dive planes
  • Two-seater space-frame chassis with integral MSA/SCCA-approved safety cage, FIA Honeycomb crash box, and towing eyes F/R
  • Quick-release flat bottom "D" steering wheel with collapsible steering column
  • Dry break quick re-fueling system with dump can
  • On-board Air Jack lift system
  • Race Lighting system with LED rollbar light
  • 'Nik' fully-floating suspension system front & rear
  • Radical Triple adjustable Intrax bespoke dampers
  • Lightweight Radical V8 Centerlock rims-Black- 8x15" Front/ 10.5x16" Rear w/ Dunlop slicks
  • Dashboard adjustable brake bias
  • Forward facing roll bar stays (USA spec)
  • Digital gear indicator
  • Cockpit wired for race radios
  • Dual Battery 24V starting system
  • Lemans style Carbon mirrors
  • Dual Hi-sided race seat with vinyl seat pads
  • Driver & Pass 6 point Radical Scroth harness- Hans compatible
  • Life Date ECU system
  • Carbon composite front brake & wheel bearing cooling shrouds
  • 14 gal aluminum foam filled fuel tank
  • Carbon-composite wrap-around dash, adjustable pedal box
  • Radical/Aim LCD instrument package with Full Data Logger custom installed in front of steering wheel
  • Manually-activated fire extinguisher system
  • A pristine example of a fully sorted Hi-spec SR3 RS, fanatically maintained, no accidents

New Zero Hour SAM NELSON ENGINE-Including Long and Short Gears, spare set wheels mounted fresh Dunlop Radical Spec tires.

Retail price of $140,500.00

Things to know about the Radical SR 3 RS 1340cc/1500cc:

  • Oil/filter change is approx 7 qts to full.  Use Mobil One racing 4T 10/40 full synthetic.  This is motorcycle oil (not car oil), use dipstick to verify hot level.  Check oil level daily before running and during the day.  Look for leaks in between sessions.
  • Fresh 98-100 Octane unleaded race fuel recommended.  Car uses 8-10 gallons per hour when racing.  
  • ALWAYS WARM CAR UP UNTIL YOU HAVE GOOD TEMPERATURE IN WATER AND OIL BEFORE RUNNING HARD.  Oil temp can take 2+ laps to get warm on a cool morning.
  • Good water temp is 185-200F (above 70C), oil temp 195-230F (above 65C), watch temps when driving.
  • DO NOT LET CAR IDLE FOR EXCESSIVE LENGTHS OF TIME WITHOUT AIR FLOW.  It's a race car and needs air circulation.
  • Every 2nd-3rd oil change, clean sup pan and install new gasket
  • Gear box change uses 1.5 liter of redline 75/90 gear oil, change every 6-8 track days.
  • When plugging in rear light harness on engine cover, rotate plug with red index mark to 12 o'clock then engage
  • To engage reverse gear, select neutral, pull reverse lever ALL THE WAY UP, select 1st gear and car will be in reverse.  
  • Wheel nut torque is 200 lb. ft. Check daily
  • Recommended "DUNLOP" slick tire pressures: start cold at 24 lbs front and 23 lbs rear, adjust hot to 27-28 lbs. (rain tires run 23 cold/25 hot)
  • Make sure steering hub is secured by hearing two clicks
  • When starting cold engine, DO NOT REV PAST 3,000 RPM until car is warmed up for a few minutes.  (oil will be thick and creates high pressure in coolers).  This is especially important on cool mornings at the track.
  • Nut and bolt car after each day's track use.  Change engine oil every 2 track days (4-5 hours of running).
  • Warm up brakes gradually before driving hard.  All components last longer that way.  Cool them down on last lap before pitting.
  • Brake fluid reservoir is small.  Take care when bleeding not to draw air. Motul 600 Racing is excellent fluid.
  • After running hard, it is best to take off engine cover so motor cools off.  This prevents "heat sock" of the engine cover (or use fan).
  • Jack up car or store car on rain tires to avoid flat spots.
  • Tire sizes- Dunlop 200/580 front- 260/605 rear, tires (life varies).  Expect approx. 3-5 days.  Grip will fall off before rubber is gone.
  • On paddle shift car, do not 'dry shift' car on grid without engine running.


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