Radical RXC Spyder- Race

$ 249,745.00

This is a custom ordered Radical.  Just ordered-never driven!

Download spec sheet. 

The RXC Spyder is Radical’s new flagship car offering a bigger cockpit, more driver aids and an experience closer to LMP competition than ever before– all at a purchase and running cost far below the competition.



• 72° 2.9 liter RPE V8 SS engine with steel flat plane crankshaft , 45mm eight-throttle body induction system, high flow-rate oil system including integral 4 pump oil scavenge system & 2 oil pressure pumps, rotating vane water pump, loud race exhaust.

• Produces 440 bhp @ 9,100 rpm, 280 lb ft @ 7,500 rpm.



• Bespoke Quaife 7-speed transverse sequential gearbox.

• Paddle shift & auto-blip.



• High-tensile strength CDS carbon tubular steel spaceframe.

• FIA specification crash boxes front & rear.

• 26.4 gallon (100 liter) endurance spec FIA fuel cell upgrade.

• Air Jack System upgrade.



• Aerodynamic multi-piece composites front & rear diffusers, high-downforce carbon bi-plane rear wing, full lighting system with LED daytime running lights.

• Stone guard protection system upgrade.

• Factory decal kit including driver’s name.



• Front & rear double wishbone, pushrod suspension.

• Bespoke inboard adjustable Intrax dampers.


Dimensions & Weight

• L 4300mm / W 1960mm / H 1127mm, 2,057lb.



• Left hand drive two seater with multi-function fully adjustable steering wheel, electronic power assisted steering, adjustable pedal box, adjustable carbon-composite wing mirrors, laser engraved anodised weatherproof switch panels, dash-mounted brake bias.

• Bespoke FIA-compliant & HANS compatible six-point harnesses.

• Carbon pre-preg bucket seats.

• Electrically-activated FIA homologated 3 nozzle fire extinguisher.



• AIM MXG dash logger with 7” TFT display and WiFi connectivity.

• AIM SmartyCam system & GPS module upgrade.

• Brake pressure logging module upgrade.


Brakes, Wheels & Tires

• Six-pot calipers & fully-floating disc brakes, front 350mm dia., rear 310mm dia.

• Center-lock racing wheels, front 9.5”x17”, rear 11.5”x18”.

• Racing slicks, front 245/610-R17, rear 325/660-R18.


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